Please see the previous blog post to see more photos of the earlier week!

We had a great opportunity to meet and talk with some artists from Wales.

I was so grateful that they all seemed to be interested in what we do.

Thank you everyone for saying hello to us!

On the sharing day, we decorated the room as if it was like a diary/journal.

We put some photos and documents on the wall, put some soils on the floor from both of the nuclear power stations we visited, and tried to express "division" by placing chairs across the room.

We were so surprised and also grateful that there were more people came than expected so we actually did our presentaiton twice!

Also, we had our precious friends in the room, who kindly told us about Walsh culture and stories in earlier week.

They were wearing a greenman's costume!

The sharing was great.

We learned more about ourselves through the thoughts, questions and ideas from the people who came.

We were never more open. We've absorbed lots of different things from diffrent people, artists and friends.

Everything became our treasure for our future creation.


Thank you for reading these blogs.

I wanted to share some of our footsteps of our journey through my point of view using photos I took.

I really hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you!


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