Our Bridgend - for the people of Bridgend to show what they really feel about the town.

We have developed an exciting new website as part of our work around Love Steals Us from Loneliness, the seventh of National Theatre Wales' new play, which opens in Hobo's Rock Club in Bridgend on the 7th October. The site can be found at ourbridgend.com

Our Bridgend is based on Google Maps, and enables anyone to add a flag to the map, and share their feelings about and experiences of that place using words, pictures or video. There are six 'themes' you can choose from... love or hate, light or dark, us or them.

We've already had nearly a hundred people share an experience about a place in Bridgend, and it's fun to just take a look around the map and see what people have shared. Places where they fell in love, places that had a special meaning to them in their lives, places that have scared them and places that had a special meaning for them as a group, or a family. Just click on the icons in the map to see what people have said about that place.

We'd love your help in getting a link to anyone you know from Bridgend, and if you're on Facebook or Twitter, please click on the sharing buttons at the top of the site!

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