Our journey goes on: Traveller's Diary 6

It is almost impossible for me to believe how fast time passes.

Almost 3 weeks have passed since our sharing day!


As our director of UGA, Yasuro explains in his blog what our sharing was like, it was rich and intense in a good way.

Through our sharing, the most valuable thing I learned was that it is people and their words that give a strong power to the work.

I was amazed and even a little bit surprised to see how open people were to our presentation.

They gave me lots of response, thoughts, comments, feelings, questions and ideas.


And that's something we took back to Tokyo and continue to rely on through the process of making our new piece.


I learned that it is ok to share something in progress and it IS ok to change.

The possibilities are immense. It was such a huge impact.


This applies to the whole Waleslab experience as well.


All the people we met through the journey were generous and so giving.

We heard lots of stories, thoughts and feelings.

They all were so open to us and tried to tell us something.

They've changed us, pushed us to a new level. 


We learned something completely new.

The way we talk to people, the way we manage our time, and the way we process our thoughts...

We felt winds, smells, and air. Our bodies reacted differently to outside world like they never had before.


We've also found some new ways to look at our own work.

The way we tried to prepare our presentation was completely new in terms of working together, and it was very challenging as well.


It was all thanks to National Theatre Wales who gave us this wonderful chance,

and to Japan Foundation and Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation for making this possible.

I can't to thank enough for believing in us. It meant us a lot.

We three each have so much to share, so much to process from our journey in Wales.

Even though I tried in this blog post, it is really difficult for me to put it into words and explain it thoroughly.

I learned a new way to develop work and to develop as an artist through this summer.

We feel, now in Tokyo, that every second we lived in Wales are in our body shouting and wanting to come out as a new creation.


One thing for sure is that our new piece will be made up of those experiences.

And it will be created for those who helped us and supported us as well as for those whom we haven't met.


I think the best way to put this out is to keep working towards this new piece we strongly want to bring back to Wales, called "Red Dragon and Soil Traveller.


Thank you for one of the happiest times of my life as a creator.

Now, it is time for us to give this back to everyone and to the world.

We shall be back to Wales with our performance full of love for Wales!!

Underground Airport




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