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One week after first meeting the core group of actors we have found ourselves at the final day of rehearsals. Today’s blog was written by Vivienne Buckley (Director)

A conversation with a security guard/site foreman/estates manager, a bacon roll, a football, another actor, a choreographer, a rave, a discussion about the coast, a pub, 3 glasses, 3 newspapers, cigarettes, lighters, loud music, a photographer, photographs, poses, back to the rave, laughter, back to the pub, a room change (move tables and chairs), an electrician, drill rugby, a piece of modern art, a piece of modern art falls down, rebuild a piece of modern art (or is it a snowscape?), lunch, an argument about trays, a realisation that the programmes have not been collected, a lot of confusion between the sentence ‘I’ll ‘phone her’ and ‘ring Seona’, Who’s Seona? Laugher, one less actor, a football, rework all work created so far, transitions, more transitions, dreaming, a stop sign, karaoke for the deaf, laughter, a dole queue, humming, Johnny Cash, a debate about the price of Gaffer Tape, exciting images, removal men, the stubborn transition that has to be there because the set has to change but feels long and indulgent or short and clumsy. Stop. Rethink. Rework. Still doesn’t work. Move on. Break. Another debate about the price of the purchased Gaffer Tape. Conclusion: it’s expensive and probably should be available on the National Health. Prepare for run. Run. Stunning underwater monologue, surprising fishing, a classy trip to the opera, pace, energy, commitment, clear storytelling, a beautifully placed last line, a loss of confidence in the choice of music, a hatred of the stubborn transition, the feeling that we have a piece, but it’s not quite ready, in places it’s nowhere near how it was meant to look, different, good different, thank yous, good nights, a production meeting, cues in book, lots of cues, too many cues for a very small tech window, but excellent people who say “yes”, prop check, move bed, action man, tobacco pouch, batman figures, knife, dickey bow and painted tables that need repainting, debate about the use of real goldfish, no conclusion, laughter, create plan for the man with a van, a bin bag full of water bottles, move tables, mop floor, eat Penguin, remember where car was parked, email: printer, schools, theatre.......write blog.

'Out of the Goldfish Bowl' performs at the Taliesin Arts Centre on Thursday 10th Septemebr at 7.30pm. Tickets are available from the box office 01792 602060.

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Comment by Peter Cox MBE on September 10, 2009 at 7:23
One day the Gaffer Tape Fairy will come and then all will be well. In the meantime all best sticky wishes for your opening.
Comment by Ellie Carter on September 9, 2009 at 9:33
Gaffer tape IS expensive. Curses to the stubborn transition, yay for the underwater monologue, all the best x
Comment by Matthew Bulgo on September 8, 2009 at 22:08
Bloody marvellous. Be seeing you Thursday.

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