This morning we added Simon and Julia into the finalised version of the physicalized hair cutting scene. The tension was incredible. The music is fantastic. The performances are captivating. This is not a show to be missed! It will have you on the edge of your seat. There is so much to see you should see it more than once!

Following on from the hair cutting scene Julia and Simon are struggling with the repercussions and hoping that time will help to heal their relationships.  Cast are encouraged to continue finding physicality in the scenes such as a physically smaller persona when talking to someone of higher status and in a moment of letting loose and wanting freedom permission to jump onto the table. The final tableaux is very powerful and nail biting for even those of us who know the script.

Final session before lunch was working on Simon’s monologues and actioning them. Lots of repetition and returning to ideas in his first long speech and each implies an escalation. Where is Simon’s state of mind at this point? The confession about his feelings (selfishness and helplessness) arrives from nowhere and it feels dangerous (“Life didn’t feel right- there was no joy”) suddenly affects Julia who doesn’t recognise the man in front of her.

Then early afternoon the lighting was checked to ensure cast are moving in and out of the lit and dark areas of the stage before work on Steph’s monologues. I can’t wait to return for the tech! 

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