Very excited to be at Chapter today for the tech rehearsal of Dirty Protest's 'Parallel Lines'. Having seen the 2012 production here at Chapter the initial and most noticeable difference for audience members is going to be the set. From the 2012 naturalistic kitchen where we saw Melissa's unmatching and disorganised flat compared to Simon's neat and organised kitchen the set is now sparse with a table and chairs giving absolutely nothing away about the characters in the upcoming production. 

The lighting is beautiful. At times the stage is lit naturalistically resembling a living room or school room but as the tension increases we develop a more sinister lighting atmosphere favouring a more abstract design which is reflected in the set and elements of performance style. My favourite lighting is when the upstage area is lit from above creating a narrow corridor of light. It is interesting to notice where your eye is drawn to during this production depending on elements of sound, lighting and blocking of the actors. A very clever piece. 

It has been nice today to see this side of the technical creative environment where everyone feels able to contribute and everyone knows their input is valued and appreciated. I would recommend a placement with Dirty Protest if you ever get the chance for their achievement of this working environment. I would also strongly recommend you buy a ticket to come and see this play now! 

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