Pollinate summercamp 2013... my time in Treaddur Bay

A couple of weeks ago I was returning from my time in Treaddur Bay, Anglesey after taking part in the Pollinate sumpercamp , I learnt so much from my experience there and discovered a lot about myself as an artist and the way I work.

I was lucky enough to be put with a group of amazing people who I will never forget and had the chance to learn from such talented artists. One of the main things that I think benefited all of us as a group was that there were people from all kinds of artistic backgrounds from sound artists, visual artists, performers, writers and all round theatre makers. This allowed us to explore areas that we may not have thought of in our normal environments of working.       It was great getting the chance to play alongside these people as I got the chance to act as an eccentric bride and Ellie from Jurassic park, meet a mermaid, Film a business woman on a beach and  help create a dance piece where I get dunked in the freezing cold sea. I certainly wouldn't of had the chance to do these things without meeting these great people.


Whilst I was at the camp I worked on my own project which is based on the theories of Charles Darwin (particularly evolution and survival of the fittest) and had the chance to do some great research projects. Firstly I arrived at where I would stay for the camp and in the house was a book about Darwin, which I took as a good sign! The first thing I decided to try out was a games/endurance session where I would look at the group's natural instincts when it comes to competing with others and their reactions to winning and losing, this became part of my research for 'survival of the fittest'  watch the video here; http://youtu.be/iPBRDMIwRwc

Later on the camp, I had the chance to do a showing and experiment with an audience, with the help of Jess and Mawgaine, exploring some choreography linking to my themes and setting it within an installation relating the apple from the garden of Eden to the Apple Ipod. This was a great opportunity for me to experiment with ideas in the early stages of my project.



Now I am back to reality and continuing my project with Jake Hughes who will be performing the piece with me!

Also to keep me busy I am lucky enough to have two housemates studying zoo biology (which couldn't be more perfect) and have managed to borrow a heap of books from them to keep my research going!

All in all I had a great time at the Pollinate summer camp and enjoyed being around such great people! hope to meet up with you all soon and hear all about the development of the projects we worked on !

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