Pontardawe Arts Centre - The Chrysalis Programme supporting Creative Development

Thanks to funding from the Arts Council of Wales Pontardawe Arts Centre is delighted to announce The Chrysalis Programme –a developmental programme to support the creative development of two individual artists or Associate Companies living in Wales.


Experienced theatre maker Louise Osborn has been identified as the Creative   Co-ordinator to drive the Chrysalis programme.  An award winning writer and director, Louise will bring her broad range of skills to this new initiative.


Louise is a dramaturge with National Theatre of Wales and is a mentor in Pontardawe Arts Centre’s Script Slam and Script Café initiatives.  She has mentored many individuals and companies in the development of their practice.  As an attuned listener, questioner and observer, Louise will take artistic overview.  Working closely with the venue team she will help the Associate Companies in the identification of their developmental, organizational, structural and artistic needs. 


We are looking to go beyond the provision of rehearsal space and are seeking to provide optimal conditions for experimentation and the creation of new work.  A bursary of up to £4,000 for each company will be provided.  In addition a programme will be devised with each company to provide creative mentors to work with and develop specific creative practice.


November  - initial intervention with Creative Coordinator to establish a framework for the duration of the project.  This consultation will establish where the company is, where they want to be, how do they get there, and importantly what will be success.  A memo of understanding will be written to articulate the roles of all stakeholders and we will appoint mentors to suit the identified needs of the companies.


4 – 8 January 2016    Week 1 Residency. 

Mentoring week with pre determined Master-classes. This could be to explore different elements which may or may not be incorporated into the company's repertoire (eg puppetry, physical theatre, design, dance) or may include working with a producer on developing touring capacity.
At the end of this week there will be an evaluation session in order to review outcomes to date - what has been learnt - what is needed to work on. This could involve a reassessment of the original outcome parameters.

January 2016 - March 2016
Period of Reflection -the companies during this period will plan for the second residency. The Creative Coordinator will be available via email to support queries

March 2016
Intervention with Creative Coordinator to access progress and put in place the delivery plan for the second residency
4 – 8 April 2016    Week 2 Residency
Companies to work towards a work in progress platform so companies can explore theatrical ideas in front of a live audience drawn from the arts sector.


Submissions to be received by 5 October 2015 to Angie on a.dickinson@npt.gov.uk with interviews scheduled to take place on

Friday 16 October.


Selection Process

If you would like to be considered to become an Associate Company and be supported by the Chrysalis Programme at Pontardawe Arts Centre please complete the questions below and return to Angie Dickinson a.dickinson@npt.gov.uk together with a current CV of the lead applicant and a professional reference.




Phone number

Email address



Tell us about you/ your company (max 300 words)

You may also include supporting documents and links to online content but these must not exceed 10 pages collectively.


Project Information  (max 500 words)

We would like to see a clear vision of what the company/individual artist wants to achieve in the supported residency with a realistic understanding of the area of support they would particularly benefit from.  The goal does not need to result in a ‘product’ although there will be opportunity for sharing with colleagues and the arts sector of work to date.  Whilst a strong creative goal is key, intrinsic to the success of this project is the willingness for the companies to engage in the process, with a strong desire to respond constructively to the feedback from mentors and the sector.


We have identified a pool of creative mentors but would welcome suggestions of individuals/companies you would feel could maximise your particular development needs.


Ambition for the future (max 200 words)

As the focus for this development is on creative growth and not necessarily on a product we would like to hear about your overall ambition for the future for your company and what future support and guidance you feel would benefit your continued development.


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