Hey there,

Myself and my film group are planning on making a 5-8 minute documentary based on the life story of Mo Farah, and specifically about his immigration from Somalia to the UK. 

We are looking for an actor preferably of Somalian decent (or of a black ethnicity) to portray Mo Farah. You certainly don't need to be an identical match to Mo Farah. We just need a thin male, possibly of a black ethnicity, and if possible someone who is bald or would be willing to shave of their hair for our film (but this is not essential). Predominately we are looking for someone who is physically fit enough to jog on and off throughout the day (no longer than 20 seconds each time we take a shot). We also might be doing some interview shots, however we will not be closing up on the face. We will be filming at Cardiff Met's National Indoor Athletics Centre on 7th December for only a couple of hours. 

As a thank you, we would credit you at the end of our film, and would happily provide you with a copy of our film for your showreel. 

If you are interested or have any questions, my contact details are listed below.

Email: helen001turner@btinternet.com

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