Re: European Theatre Café - York Theatre Royal, Wednesday 26th February 2014

6 newly translated European plays given rehearsed readings as part of Theatre Café:

Each public performance will comprise 2 different plays never before heard in the English language.

This is a great opportunity to engage with contemporary writing from across the continent with six leading international writers. For more information about how to engage with this international festival (including a debate about our position in Europe, to be held at the University of York on Thu 27 Feb) head to

With the support of the Cultural Programme of the European Union.

Age suitability: 14+


Performance Schedule


10:30 – 12:30     

Sadness and Joy in the Lives of Giraffes by Tiago Rodrigues (Portugal)

The story of a nine year old girl that crosses the city of Lisbon searching for the only person that can help her: the Portuguese Prime Minister. In this strange world, we encounter the economic crisis, the heroic adventure of a teddy bear with suicidal tendencies, a photo of a violinist, a black panther, a Bulgarian scientist, and a girl too tall for her age whose mother called her Giraffe.


Heading for High Ground by Martin Baltscheit (Germany)  

A family of wolves are struggling to survive in the cold woods. A pair of sheep who can’t conceive are suddenly confronted with a baby wolf, which the ewe is keen to adopt as their own. There follows the story of Ferdinand, the baby wolf, struggling to fit into both worlds.


14:00 – 16:00     

My Mother Medea by Holger Schober (Austria)

New kids with strange names have arrived at school. They’re tired of introducing themselves. Always on the run, away from home, away from friends, away from everything that was important. Medea’s children tell the story how they experienced it, how they understood it.

White Embers by Savianna Stanescu (Romania)

Shari is holding Vicky at gunpoint in her apartment. Meanwhile, Alex and Leslie are flying to Bechnya to adopt a child and bring her home. The stories interlink in a dark yet funny tale of poverty and lonely, unloved children.


19:30 – 21:30     

Watchdog by Peer Wittenbols (Netherlands)

Mother has taken to her bed, felled by grief at the death of her husband, whilst her two young daughters take over the household. They must ensure that mother isn't upset by the slightest thing in case she starts crying again. One day, the boy from over the road knocks at the door. He has to give a class presentation and has questions to ask them on his chosen topic: death. After all, they're bound to be experts, aren't they?

The Returning by Fredrik Brattberg (Norway)

A mother and father mourn the loss of their only son. Several hundred people turn up to say their last farewell at the funeral, after which they struggle to get back to everyday life. One day there is a knock on the door... and their son is back.

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