Reasons to play in the Cardiff Sandpit

Are you interested in playing?

Are you interested in immersive experiences?

Are you interested in completing tasks or solving clues that can win you a prize?

Are you interested in exploring the city in which you live and work in a totally different way?

Are you interested in getting to know and connecting with other people in a shared experience?

If you say yes to any of these, then you should like theatre.

If you say yes to any of these, then you should love playing in the Cardiff Sandpit!

Send me a message. Come and play!

Sandpit. Thursday 2 July. Start about 6.30pm.

Yesterday I spent the day at the Soho Theatre with Hide and Seek, learning how to play games and how to make games. I also learned about the link between theatre and games!

The link is in the narrative of the game, in the role you play in the game and the experience you have whilst going on the journey of the game.

I made up my own game! It had rules and everything! It was for people who are leaving a theatre after a play and I used spaces in the theatre to structure a fun, playful journey where players had to fulfil a series of tasks to discover a secret and save a character. I worked with a playwright and a theatremaker to construct my game and we did it in an hour.

Another team made up a hostage negotiation game on a public bus. Another team made up a game of reality pac man using the play 'Death of a Salesman' as their inspiration!

The main thing I learned, was that everyone can make up and run and play a game.

In the workshop yesterday, we had playwrights, directors, producers, actors, gamers, poets...

If you have an idea of a story, or if you have an interest in a theme / a bit of news / the place you live and work, you can make up a game. There is no secret handshake. There is no magic formula.

And the most amazing thing that I never would have thought possible, was that other people in Soho actually thought my made-up game was good! People said that they would actually play it!

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Comment by Louise Osborn on June 14, 2009 at 23:25
Where is the sandpit gaming? Sounds like fun... can I join in? Lou Osborn

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