"Red Dragon and Soil Traveller" Free Live Streaming on 12th (sat) this weekend! 10am!!(in Wales)

Actress: Emma -Jane Lawrence Tashiro Photograph: Yusuke Hayashi

Hello from Japan!! We are Underground Airport!! We joined the Waleslab project in 2014.

And we created a new musical play "Red Dragon and Soil Traveller". We open our show on 3rd to 13th March now!!

And we will do free live streaming of our show with English subtitles in 12th (sat) this weekend!!

It will start 10am in Wales,(19pm in Japan). So, please visit our web lounge!

It is a story of a seaside town of somewhere. One day, mysterious Travelers reach the shore, and people of the town got panic. But Traveller bring a wondrous caldron and people gradually curious about the caldron...

This musical is written and directed by Yasuro Ito,composed by Yasuro Ito and Taro Ishida. And Keisuke Murata will be the lead actor. The members of Underground Airport, Emma-Jane Lawrence Tashiro and Konosuke Noda will also be on board.

We hope this musical play be a cultural bridge between Wales and Japan and hoping to bring this musical play to Wales!

So please see our streaming on this weekend! 10am on Saturday!! 

Underground Airport

Yasuro & Chinatsu & Shuya

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