"Red Dragon and Soil Traveller" is in March 3rd to 13th in Japan!

Shwmae from Japan!!

This is Yasuro Ito of Undergroud Airport who joined Waleslab project in 2014.8!

And we are very happy to announce that we will realize the idea we developed in Waleslab "Red Dragon and Soil Traveller" in March 3rd to 13th in Japan!! (at Sumida Park Studio Kura Theatre in Tokyo)

This play is a metaphysical tale of the nuclear relationship between Wales and Japan,quoting the story of Branwen of Mabinogi and Red Dragon Myth.

Here is Trailer Music Video of "A Song for Dragon" which we created and sang at Chapter Art Studio.

We use a caldron as a prop which Rhisiart and Dave in Newport gave us as a memory of Wales!

And Caldron will become the symbol of "Fire" which the traveller brings to the rural town in Somewhere.

We use high functional Drone for this video! Please check it out!

AND, WE WILL DO FREE LIVE STREAMING OF "Red Dragon and Soil Traveller" on 12th March!!!

We thank National Theatre Wales, people who supported our visit and research, we will do free live streaming of this musical play with English subtitles on 12th March. It starts from 7pm in Japan,so 11am in Wales!!

So, please check the Underground Airport Web Lounge on 12th of March!!

We started Crowd funding for this streaming! (but it is written only in Japanese! Sorry!!)

We are very excited to create this story! And would like to give all of our heart to each of you in Wales!!

This piece is made by your kindness and support in Wales!! We deeply thank you and will give all back!!


Yasuro & Chinatsu & Shuya of Underground Airport

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Comment by bridget keehan on January 29, 2016 at 15:29

Hi Yasuro - will definitely be watching on the 12th March, and looking forward to meeting up in April! 

Comment by Yasuro Ito on January 29, 2016 at 1:39

Thank you! Please see streaming on 12th March!

Comment by carmen medway-stephens on January 28, 2016 at 16:49

looks very interesting

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