Resident Artist for a Day, who? Me?

Yeah you heard it, probably you are as much surprise as me.

I am really glad to have been shortlisted for Resident Artist at NTW. 

Today is my test/interview day where I will be presenting my proposal to the team and test some of the ideas

proposed.  So I would say I am Artist at NTW for the day.  The first one out of the six, no pressure.

During the day, I will be tweeting as well as posting not only curiosities but also developments of my work.

So if you want to join me, here is my twitter username @jorgelizalde

About the proposal, 

Artist in Residence run through a year where a selected applicant or artist from any background, develops a project as well as giving his input and ideas to help on the NTW production year.

Annually companies gather information, news, statistics and focus points resulting on an annual Memorandum.

And that, it is basically my proposal, a Memorandum of 2014/15 NTW production year.

At the end of this residential year, April 2015, I believe NTW will be celebrating five years since first production. Being a great opportunity to reflect on how much the company has evolved from that team of four, who started this company on an empty shop at Castle Arcade.

My intention is to create a series of videos, photographs, interviews, etc...  with the aim to know better and humanize all these characters that make possible every production year to be successful - Team members, volunteers, technical staff, etc... - who normally don't receive as much recognition as the main artists involved but they are as much or equally important.

A collection that could be presented as blog during the period of time the residency last or as a book, prints or exhibition at the end of it. A material that could be used on future not only as a source but to promote and engage even more with Welsh local communities.

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Comment by National Theatre Wales on May 13, 2014 at 16:49

Great to have you here for the day Jorge.  Looking forward to seeing the photos you took. 

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