Photo: Michael Sheen from the movie 'RESISTANCE' based on the novel by Owen Sheers.

What can we do as fans of Art, Theatre and Culture against the nefarious decisions of some Governments to cut budgets to Theaters and Museums? We can write blogs? We go into the streets to protest? Someone tell us please!

In Italy the Teatro Valle in Rome in protest, is occupied  by actors, directors and workers of the same theater. Even more shameful is that in my Country there are Museums and Galleries that fail to survive. Italy: 'The Cradle of Art', 'Il Bel Paese' with cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice that are real open-air museums.

In Great Britain unfortunately, the problems are almost identical. I had already covered the topic in a previous blog: 'United Artists against the cuts to funding for the Art'.

Port Talbot at Easter this year saw one of the finest performances of recent years: 'THE PASSION' by Owen Sheers, beautifully played and co-directed by MICHAEL SHEEN, who has relaunched his home town and giving prestige and International visibility as no one before him, neither Richard Burton nor Anthony Hopkins have been able to do. Yet there are sad realities in that town like The Plaza, is not absurd?

How do our Governments be so obtuse! Instead we must invest more in Culture, Art and School that must educate and prepare the new generations. It is not closing Theaters and Museums that budgets of States can be healed!

Art and Culture fans: we must raise our head and make RESISTANCE to this political junk, or in our cities will remain only shopping malls and our grand children will risk to know Shakespeare only from books and not be able to enjoy the splendor of His theatrical masterpieces and all of us will be very poorest. Love. Maria M.


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