Last weekend Buddug James Jones and myself headed to CARAD to work on their latest event - Finding Rhayader 2: People and Places. The aim of the event was to encourage the local community to re-engage with CARAD and to gather stories from them to be archived and included in their latest exhibition which has the same name. 


We left Cardiff for Rhayader Friday morning and arrived at CARAD early in the afternoon. Liz and volunteers were all busy setting up the space and so myself and Bud joined in:



The space was finished and we went back to Alan's where we were staying to have a cuppa and debrief, click here to watch it. (I do accidentally say a rude word, so I apologise in advance.)


My role for the weekend was to run the social media coverage of the event and to run social media workshops.


It was great to be able to share skills that I have and to pass them on to others, who I hope in return will pass them on too. There were lots of discussions about how to be safe when using Social Media and it's good points versus it's bad. We played with Vine. We created Facebook profiles and Facebook Pages for businesses. We experimented with Twitter. We made lots of content and had a lot of fun!

Click here for mine and Bud's round up of the weekend.

There are lots of photos from the event here on Flickr.

You can follow CARAD on twitter @CARADtweets and follow posts from the event at #CARADpeople. They also have a page on Facebook which you can keep up to date with their activities

Usually after I return home from working at an event or on a project I feel a little sad because it is over, however, this time I don't because this event marked the beginning of a new chapter for CARAD and it's community. I can't wait to return and see the journey that the event leads to . . . 

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Comment by Buddug James Jones on March 26, 2013 at 23:38

Also, my personal highlight of the weekend was being called 'DJ assistant' by DJ Ganja Glen. This was a very proud moment...until he kicked me out of the van for being 'a woman'. Ha!

Other highlights included...

-Driving a Land Rover in the snow.

-Finding out Paul the landlord is from no other but Newcastle Emlyn!

-Singing with Paul the landlord (this is becoming a habit...)

-Lesson on handbreak turns with Alan

-Seeing the pride on Ben's face when his masterpiece sign was put right in the middle of town

-Seeing the whole community pulling together to tidy up at the end- beautiful moment!

Comment by Buddug James Jones on March 26, 2013 at 23:29

Sarah! This blog is spot on!

We both had such a fantastic weekend up there- caught up with old friends from the Rrrriots of 2012 and made a lot of new friends. 

CARAD had a real buzz over that weekend and despite the snow outside (which was a lot of fun to drive in!!), I think everyone can agree that it was like summer inside :)

There is a Rhayader NTW group as well, appropriately called Rhayader Rocks so me and Sarah and the whole of Rhayader will be chattering away on that.

NTW TEAM will be returning there soon, but in the mean time the town is preparing for LANDED festival in May which is arranged by MT (mother Teresa) and Julian who looked after HenryBrent , Arthur, Blodwen and everyone else who were involved with the Rrrriots. 

In the mean time I'm going to get practicing on Alan's Elan Valley Bwackbewy Fwapjacks . I guess I'll need to make another trip up to Rhayader to get the berries though...if one must ;)

Comment by Sarah Jane Leigh on March 26, 2013 at 17:30

Thanks Henry! Wasn't the same with you, Arthur and Blodwyn being there :) 

Comment by Henry J.Alles on March 26, 2013 at 17:20

thumbs up!

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