Love Reading’s Room to Read event is back - by popular demand!

So those of you who took part last time can do it again. And those of you who weren’t able to make it can join in and find out why everyone who read last time wants another go!

Meet in the area outside Cardiff Central Library, under the circle sculpture, a little before 12 in order to start at 12 midday, Saturday 12 June, for half an hour. Bring a book you love and would like to share aloud.

There are about 15 black blocks in the area, so people who feel confident enough can stand on them to read aloud, otherwise sit and read aloud. Everyone reads simultaneously, for as long or as briefly as they like. Rules of the playground - if someone else is obviously waiting and all the blocks are full give way when you've had a go, and wait for another turn if you want. Bring an umbrella too, if it's raining.

The point is to create an inverted mirror of the Library - people reading outside not indoors, people standing to read not sitting, reading aloud not in silence, in public not private, amongst movement and noise not comparative quiet and rest - you've got the picture by now. And also to have fun!

The Facebook profile is called Love Reading, where you can find out about the wonderful range of pieces people read last time, and there’s photos too.

We’re looking forward to seeing you Saturday 12th.

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