Session notes: Welsh Language Theatre – Preservation Vs Evolution

What is the name of the person who called the session?

Gethin Evans

Who attended the session? (You can pass this piece of paper round and ask people to write their name on it.)

Michelle Perez
Sion Pritchard
Raidene Carter
Julia Barry
Rebecca Harris
Gwennan Jones

Summary of discussion: (Notes, ideas, further questions, conclusions, recommendations for actions to take, contact details of relevant people / organisations etc)

How can Welsh Language Theatre evolve and ensure that it isn’t an academic thing in theatre but a representation of a living language.
Everyone agreed that in the last couple of years there has been an exciting thematic shift in Welsh Language Theatre, but that isn’t the same about the form / style of the work.
When considering what could change, or what we would like it to look like in 10 years, the following was discussed:
- The development of a Welsh language canon of plays.
- Rigour and quality in the work.
- A varied programme, meaning more needs to be produced by a variety of organisations and artists.
- A quota for organisations to create a certain amount in Welsh as a marker for us to hit.
- Acceptance of failure and honesty – so often we refuse to criticise Welsh language work because we ‘should be grateful its on’.
- Embrace taking risks with the work, to allow for less conservative theatre and process.
- International ambition… compare to places other that England and English.
- Mentorship, with individuals from all over the world working in all languages, to ensure quality and development of artists and work.
Things to be done:
- More conversations and collaboration
- Relationships between venues and venues and Theatr Gen.
- Measured risk taking!
- The development of an alternative structure to Theatr Gen, creating new work in the Welsh Language, in collaboration with organisations across Wales.

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