Re-live, who last year produced ‘Abandoned Brothers’ with a group of war veterans, now delve into the hearts and minds of Cardiff's older generation with their latest show ‘age’.

A third of babies born in 2013 in the UK will live till 100. The "babyboomers" who are now reaching old age are living longer than any generation ever has.There is an island in Japan where life expectancy is 120. We were fascinated to discover that a lot of 65 year olds are now experiencing a mid life crisis. There is no roadmap for how anyone should behave now that 70 is no longer old and we may still have decades of living to do..

 age will be performed by ten dynamic and daring older people who are creating that roadmap. They are the pioneers of aging, they are creating the art of growing old. 

age is the result of a month long,  sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-breaking exploration of their thoughts, feelings and experiences of what it's like to grow old in 2013.

 “Why should sex and relationships be a taboo subject once you reach 70?” says performer, Terri Morrow “It’s not like you suddenly reach a point where all you want to do is play bingo. This show is giving us a chance to express that as you age all your emotions, desires, hopes stay with you. For me, life is getting better and better. I'm happier at 70 than I ever was at 30"

Gutsy, passionate, irreverent, this is a show that might just make you want to grow old! Our oldest performer is 86 and still flying around the world on a regular basis. To quote a line from Max, aged 70,  "there are only 168 hours in a week and every one of them is precious". Use one of them next Fri or Sat and come and hang out with our elders. They are the future.



June 14th + 15th @ 7.30pm

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