I had an idea and I created this group: SHEENIAN SISTERS that brings together the 10 most genuine and biggest Michael Sheen's fans that I met on Twitter! We come from different countries and continents, but we share a love for this wonderful and chameleon-like . Some of us are going to London to see HAMLET, but unfortunately we will not meet.

We are sisters in life and some of us have the same interests as well as Michael Sheen. We love theater, cinema, art and we are a little dreamy and idealistic, real flowers in the desert of subculture and superficiality that abound in our world. We feel a bit special and we are, we love and esteem one another. My dream is to organize a meeting to meet us personally. Hey Michael, you in the shoes of Jesus can do this miracle?

I met Michael Sheen and I know he will be happy to know that among his many fans here we are, the Sheenian Sisters that always will follow him whatever he does!

Sheenian Sisters are: Jamie, Sarah, Constadina, Nadine, Gwendalyn, Gunel, Nadia, Fulvia, Margarita and me, Maria.

With love Maria

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Comment by Gwendalyn on April 5, 2011 at 4:13

Michael, Thank you for bringing the Sheeninan Sisters together. Maria, thank you for organizing us! Madnad, thank you for your stellar work at http://www.michael-sheen.co.uk/

I am astonished and grateful each day how very blessed I am to have found sisters around the globe that share my interests, loves and passions. Sisters that without knowing lift my spirits, make me laugh, excite me, send love and well wishes to me. Maria, I know that one day we will all meet and if it could be sharing our reverence of our brilliant Mr. Michael Sheen at a theatre performance it would truly be a dream come true.

 This year I am trembling with ecstatic enthusiasm to witness Michael embrace his portrayal of Hamlet at the Young Vic. It is one of the greatest journeys that I have ever planned and without Maria’s excited insistence I would not have attempted it even though I wanted to with all of my heart. Maria though one of my favorite self-quotes is Sheenspired to live sweetly, spontaneously and courageously, know that you my sweet Sheeninan Sister have inspired me as well with your strength, encouragement and love.

Comment by Sarah Murray on April 4, 2011 at 19:22

It is indeed an honour and a privilege to be worthy of Sheenian Sister status... but much more rewarding to have Maria as a friend. I was gutted to realise we will miss each other at the Young Vic by only a week .. but one day soon .. our love of all things Sheenian will bring us together. In the meantime .. we have the sisters, the passion for all things Welsh and the love for the marvellous Mr Sheen :-D



Comment by Madnad on April 2, 2011 at 20:41
wow - thanks Maria. To be named as one of the Sheenian Sisters is an honour. You are all lovely lovely women, and I could not run the fan site without you.
Comment by Constadina B on April 2, 2011 at 20:14

I'm very glad that  I found Maria on Twitter not only because she is a very lovely person but because I found a mate in my admiration for Michael Sheen! 

Maria, I  hope we will be able to meet all Sheenian sisters one day! :)

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