Since joining National Theatre Wales TEAM 5 years ago when I was 16 I have . . .
-Performed in 3 NTW shows
-Been involved in an NTW Assembly in Aberystwyth with the opportunity to perform and devise
-Received support from NTW Staff and TEAM members throughout my studies
-Became a TEAM Panel member
-Been part of an interview panel for NTW employment (which opened my eyes to interview and job application skills)
-Taken part in various training sessions to help me support my career and personal goals 
-Represented TEAM in Edinburgh, promoting NTW's show The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning (Which I loved)
-Took part in NTW Summercamp to explore my own work and collaborate with others
-Got the chance to go and see NTW Shows for free before anyone else along with other TEAM members
-Taken part in Auditions and events I've heard about through opportunities on the TEAM group and other TEAM members
-Performed in a TEAM Performance Party
-Interviewed John McGrath for my final university project after being lucky enough to watch an early R&D of Mother Courage
 . . . .Without TEAM I don't think I'd have the skills, confidence and access to opportunities which I have had, let alone be working for my country's National Theatre company at my age . . . but now I'm lucky enough to be TEAM Assistant at NTW
Along with all these things, (there are probably a load more I've missed) I've received a tonne of support from being a TEAM member and made the contacts, and friends that I work and collaborate with today. TEAM has been as equally important (or probably more important) for me as my training in College and University and also helped me achieve personal goals. 
In April 2016 we will move into the next phase of TEAM. We will be refining the program and responding to the current needs of communities in Wales. 

So we want to hear from you. What do you think is missing in your community? What are the biggest barriers in the way of you achieving your goals? 
Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey to help us shape the future of TEAM . . .
Here's the link:

The survey is open until Friday 18th September and takes only 3-5 minutes to complete. You can also go into the draw to win a double pass to Iliad

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