Something is wrong with Abel, Chapter Arts Centre, 1st-10th October 8pm

from the makers of BIG HANDS
YEAR of the BEAR presents


As the title might suggest, the show is loosely based on the biblical characters Cain and Abel. Mostly Cain actually since Abel was a boring, peach-fuzz-faced-goody-goody who never did anything worth writing about, apart from taunt the hero of our piece until he finally snapped. Who wouldn’t snap?

Anyway, Cain has killed his brother and is hiding from Jehovah who has dispatched an army of Angels to find him. Or they could be Aliens. Either way, once they capture him, Cain is in for a damned good probing.

The plot is very simple; actually there isn’t much of a plot to be honest.

Cain has a garden shed. The one he has built on his allotment and now lives in, much to the distress and annoyance of other allotment users. I’ve made this all sound a bit glib perhaps but there are serious elements to the show. The subjects of regret, pride, paranoia and incandescent anger are constantly near the surface

The show sounds, looks and even smells great (freshly cut logs, lush) and I sincerely hope that you can share in this interactive bliss, as a grown man dances around in his pants, surrounded by power tools within the autocratic wonderland of his own shed.

Here is a link to the log, ok, blog:

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