Souvenirs of a Killing Company of Sirens

"The heatwave continued and it became clear she had been taken away, against her will.
There is a purity to friendship not found with lovers.
With lovers we edit. We cut out what we don’t wish to see and add what we wish to be there. And so we build a lie.
True friends have no need for that. They need to be as honest and pure as possible.
We spoke the truth through our eyes, words often sounded cheap and contrived.
We climbed a dusty hill, both nursing a hangover. It was the morning after the night before. We sat at the top with our backs to some old monument or marker, gasping for air. The sun was a demon. She lay back on me and I could smell that precious smell that comes through the crown of the head. Something feral, real, and we both instinctively knew it was one of those moments. Moments we can often count on one hand when something connects.
We simply turned and looked into each other's eyes for a long long time and nothing was said.
On the way down I fell and pulled her over with me in the dust. Laughing we continued. “I couldn’t let you fall,” she said. “I had to try and save you”
We continued down the slope a mess of sweat dust and tears and i heard her whisper almost to herself “look after me”
We continued down, falling forward step by step"
Extract from Souvenirs of a Killing a new piece in development from Company of Sirens to be performed live when we can. Look out for our online film footage very soon.
Funded by Arts Council of Wales and the National Lottery

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