So I’m not much of a writer but here are my thoughts ...

This week has been SICKKK.

I have the opportunity to work with a group of human beings who are so honest and open and mind-blowing and I’m feeling incredibly lucky about that.

Today (day four) we got to enter the space of ‘The Neon’ for the first time! Yes, okay, I had my first initial opinions when told that this would be the space to house Storm 3. I mean, I’ve only ever been there for Bingo Lingo and that summed up my thoughts perfectly! But suddenly we got to recognise the scale and feeling of this space and it’s already become ours.

This week has been all about leaving ourselves alone, getting out of our own heads and also about not working to please others, all the blinkin’ time. I’ve come home every day incredibly satisfied and excited for what the next day may bring and what more do you want out of a job, let’s be honest?

Also, I’m talking to myself all the time. Once upon a time I would’ve stopped myself in case others thought I was mad, however this evening, I’ve had a jolly good conversation with myself and I hope to meet for a cuppa tomorrow to do it all over again!

This isn’t random by the way. It’s been part of our process this week! It’s so easy to be given a block of text and instantly ‘perform it’ - especially with a background of actor training. But suddenly, when you treat it as just a conversation with yourself and not really care about the others in the room, it becomes a whole new thing with a whole new layer. It’s exciting. I promise. As much as it may not sound exciting from my words ha!

I’ve cried every single day. But not because I’m traumatised or stressed or hating life. It’s because I feel safe and relaxed and as though I can release whatever I’m feeling in whatever way I want. It’s a truly wonderful feeling to have.

So yeah, they’re my thoughts so far on Storm 3. And the ‘Together and Alone’ part of the title couldn’t be more accurate right now... I’ll leave you to ponder that one.

I’m very excited about what the next two and a bit weeks hold for us all!

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Comment by Heledd Bianchi on March 9, 2019 at 14:45

Loved this post Abi xx

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