One week ago I was sat in an old school, which had been built by the Elan Valley damn builders for their children. It was on top of a little hill in the valley. 

According to Maeve , it was haunted by a local farmer's wife that had an affair with one of the damn builders. 

But the most haunting thing for Tula was that THERE WAS NO RECEPTION!!

Here's a picture of the school (I've instagramed it to look more scary than it was. It was actually lush there!)

While we were there...

We got fed the most amazing food by Elan Valley Lodge

Heard Terry's dirty laugh many times!

Found out the story of how Jan got married (we were all in tears. John was the worst)

I cried when I saw these babes...

Played an amazing celebrity mime game introduced by Josh (Madonna was one of them. I'll leave that mime for you to work out!)  

Minus Kelly as she was working hard writing her amazing new play (serious! well proud of her- it's going to be amazing as well. It's about how her parents met over radio!)

Heard of Anna's love for Bear Grylls

Learnt that Dev's favourtite colour is orange through a loooong game of 21. Makes we wonder maybe that's why all the TEAM branding is orange??

Learnt how to skim stones with the SKIM-MASTER 5000 (that's Frank by the way)

And me and Christina really bonded. Like really...

SO yes, it was a lot of fun....but we also did a lot of work there. It was a great chance for us all to be together and spend time to think about how to shape the future of TEAM . Looking forward to it all coming together for you all to see!

Thanks to Dev, Anna, Rob, the chefs, the guys who build the school back 200years ago, the sheep, the beautiful valley, the tectonic plates that made the valley possible, to everyone else on the panel, to Brent who was there in spirit and most of the Ramblers. 

I'll end with my favourite picture of the weekend...

Bud x

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Comment by Buddug James Jones on May 20, 2013 at 2:06

Oh dear. That's my mistake. It's actually ment to say DAM not DAMN! 

I did not mean to offend any DAM builders in this blog.

Anything expressed on this blog is purely my own and does not represent the view of NTW TEAM. 


Comment by Christina Handke on May 19, 2013 at 19:33

Haha. The picture... Ahaha.  Ahahaha.
When I first read this, I wondered to myself :"Why is Bud cursing about the "damn" builders? They can't have been that bad." Daawh. OMG to myself.
It really was a great weekend.

Comment by Buddug James Jones on May 18, 2013 at 10:59


While I was writing this blog in our living room, I just hear 'Work' by Iggy Azalea being played from Anna's room. 


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