TEAM Pembrokeshire Fishguard workshop

ON Wednesday of this week, we worked in Fishguard in Pembrokeshire with The Point youth centre,delivering a workshop to the young people which got them thinking about their own well being and what it means to them to live in a small coastal town. The session was led by local artist Pip Lewis from Space to create who taught the children to create their own fish head masks. 

To begin with we had a group of four boys come in, this is when we got a bit worried about our numbers and whether we would have enough to run a good workshop, but as the afternoon went on more and more started to show up until we had a room full all creating their own unique fish. Throughout this we were able to have conversation with the children about their local area and how the sea plays into their life. One of the Points aims is to support the children's emotional well being so we spoke about the concept of masks and what role they play in day to day lives. We then asked the children to write down any worries they may have inside the mask as a way to realise them and hopefully get them to open up and talk about them. 

After a delicious lunch of spaghetti prepared by one of the children at the Point we took to the streets of Fishguard wearing our Fish heads. We walked through the town to an area know as the cannons, a site with two Napoleonic cannons overlooking the iconic fishing village of Lower Town where the original Under Milk Wood was filmed. Here we we photographed them with their fish heads and were even able to get some local teenagers involved who were just hanging around. 

The final part of the day we recorded interviews with the children asking them all bout what the local issues were and how the sea played a part in their lives. This generated some really interesting conversations about social isolation and what its living right at the edge of the country in an area that is right on the forefront of climate change and environmental issues, as the whole culture of the town is tied up with the sea, tourism, ferry port, beaches and fishing.   

A big thank you to everyone involved, in particular The Point, the staff who supported us and the children who were all fantastic. I look forward to working with them again in the future. 

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