TEAM Skill Swap and Workout hits West Wales

People of West Wales! We're really looking forward to descending on Cardigan with our balloons, pick a mix and post it notes ready for a day of creativity and collaboration. 

If you have never been to a Skill Swap and Workout event before, let me explain a bit. It is free event run by TEAM aimed at supporting us all as TEAM members to create in an increasingly challenging financial climate. 

We based the event, which we started running a few years ago, on the premise that there is far more creativity and brilliant ideas than cash floating about in Wales, and because we were gutted (and a bit fed up!) of continuously hearing friends say that they were unable to get projects that sounded fab off the ground as they couldn't afford to pay for XYZ.We decided to do something about it, and with the help and support of Anna (the TEAM assistant at the time) and Dev we started Skill Swap - an event where you could trade skills for skills rather than cash. A Skill Swap session gives you the chance to find the help you need... in return for helping others on their projects. From acting to cake-baking, directing to unicycle-riding...The list of skills encouraged is endless, and people are always leaving commenting on how they hadn't realised the extent of their own skills and that others may find them useful, as well as chuffed for having found a designer/director/actor/plumber for no money!

Alongside this we run a Workout session, where you can work on your ideas or projects with new collaborators who can help you take it to the next level. If you don't have a project, then you can come along aand meet people you do and get involved with someone elses brilliant idea.

For more info, have a little look here:

Oh, and if someone could tell me where in Cardigan sells the best chips, that would be great!

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Comment by Emma MacNab on February 18, 2017 at 22:57
Thanks for the sharing excellent advice! Pendre it is. Will you be joining us for Workout?
Comment by Bill Hamblett on February 17, 2017 at 17:27

So the best chips in Cardigan , Well just up the road 45 yards fro Small World Theatre where we will be swapping skills is a great fish and chip shop. Now reports vary as to which is best, the Pendre near Small World Theatre or the one in college road . It is safe to say that both are good and indeed well above your average chippy . The distinction may come down to your preference, if you have objections to the new five pound note on the grounds that it contains animal products then the college row chippy may also be a challenge as it is rumoured to use lard to fry the fish and chips in. While the Pendre which is near to our near zero carbon venue  is usually using sunflower oil and has a sustainable source of cod. Small World Theatre is an artist run sustainable arts and theatre organisation that is the preferred venue for the more discerning bands and the theatre groups that explore the more experimental so when you are here please mine our wonderful human resources embodied in our friendly and experienced performance artists.

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