TEAM Workout Saturday 17th January 2015

Hi Everyone, Really looking forward to this Saturday's TEAM Workout in Newport. For anyone who hasn't yet come along to these days, I thought I would share my experience.   Arriving back to live in Cardiff last year, after a very long time living in Australia, one of the first NTW events I attended was a workout day in the WMC.   I am a writer/director/performer.   I am also an elder of the theatrical tribe!  I might be experienced but I knew absolutely no one in the Welsh theatre community.   So, establishing my work, back in my hometown of Cardiff was, to say the least, daunting!  One of the first NTW events I attended last year was a TEAM workout day at the WMC.   What a wonderfully, welcoming, workshop day it was.   I find one of the challenges of working on ideas is working in isolation, with no feedback or encouragement.  It is so easy to think "Rubbish" and distract oneself with something tangible, like cleaning the house!  Being with a large group of creative souls, of all ages and stages, boosted my flagging moral.   My energy soared after the warmup games and I instantly felt part of the 'gang'.  Seeing people having the courage to write up their project ideas on large sheets of butchers paper, stating what support they needed and then seeing the response they got was inspiring.   That day, I read scripts as a performer, offered some dramaturgical input and improvised ideas.   Shane Anderson wanted to workshop an idea for a live, improvised Pub Soap Opera.   A group of us  continued working on this at future workout days and persuaded Shane to keep going.  'City Road' was born and we performed in The Roath pub as part of the Made in Roath Festival.  Five days of fun, mayhem and fantastic feedback!  'City Road' will be back in 2015.  Eventually I summed up the courage to bring in ideas that I wanted to experiment with as part of a project I am currently percolating.    Some lab rats volunteered and for the first time I started to see elements that had been stuck in my head come alive on the floor.   Above all, workout days are FUN and totally non judgemental.  What a rare opportunity to take our ideas out for a gentle walk or energetic run!   See you there.  Elaine

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Comment by Emma MacNab on February 6, 2015 at 14:01
Thanks so much for this Elaine.

For anyone encouraged by this and wanting to try it out, The next session of Workout/ Skill Swap is on February 21st in Cardiff. It is an incredible event for anyone who has a project or idea that they would like to continue to develop or an idea/script/dream, which you’re not sure how to get off the ground. It's also an opportunity to get involved in new projects and find new collaborators, or meet other theatre-makers and play for a day.

Oh, and it's completely FREE!

For more information and to book a place for the next one check out

Or look in the upcoming events on the community main page.
Comment by Kelly Jones on January 15, 2015 at 11:44
Hey Elaine - completely agree, Workout is a wonderful project and an encouraging environment to play and test ideas. I urge anyone to go to it :)

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