Good evening fellow TEAM members!

It is with a great sadness, and a heavy heart, that I write tonight's final blog post for the Y2 Wrap Party.

It has been an exhausting week for all involved and I'm positive that, across Wales (when they eventually reach each of their destinations), TEAM members will be belly flopping onto their beds in avid joy at the chance for a rest.

The devotion to the project, from every single member of the cast and crew, managed to make something that was truly worthy of TEAM and all it has given its members and their communities; from the immeasurable hours put in, to the brilliant sparks of inspiration that helped make this project truly unique and great.

So here are my list of thanks, in no particular order:

Firstly, Catherine Paskell (Director).

For, without this wonderful woman's guiding force, I might never have been able to complete the AV for the show. Her constant positivity and encouragement helped the show grow from strength to strength. So thank you Catherine, for being a wonderful person.

Devinda De Silva (Head of Collaboration).

For without your quiet confidence in all our abilities we might never have the willpower to fulfil our roles and potential. You have, and always will be, the inspiration behind every TEAM member and their success.

John Williams (Assistant Director).

A surprising man, whose supportive comments manage to find themselves being delivered, quite deliberately I'm sure, at the time when they are most needed. Many a frustrated breakdown was avoided thanks to you sir.

Christina Handke (Assistant Stage Manager).

My freak out partner, my wonder-woman, my everything haha. Without you I would be lost in a very vast world.

Anna Poole (TEAM Assistant).

Possibly the most fun person to have on a project. Always laughing, always smiling, always making inappropriate comments, which make my day. Stay beautiful.

Maeve Scullion (Performer and Facilitator).

You are such an innocent person and always refreshing to have around. If ever stressed you'd be there with a hug or a casual headbutt and things would look brighter. (Dire at manual labour).

Frank Thomas (Performer and Facilitator).

Your bar-tending skills are second to none. If you had a bar, I would be a regular drinker, gleaning all your keen, worldly advice. Your poetry astounds me. Your facilitating and commentating skills amaze me. Stay classy.

Liam Roberts (Performer and Facilitator).

I feel that I have found a long lost brother in you. There is absolutely no way that this party would have been as cool if you hadn't played your part. Great actor, great fun, great man. keep it real, holla.

Khethiwe Ncube (Performer and Facilitator).

You surprised us all when you came out of your shell. This vibrant and expressive individual emerged on the second day and astounded us all. Funkiest girl out, hands down. 

Colleen Lynch (Assistant Designer).

Self professed TEAM newbie, but by lord you would not know it. You surpassed your role as assistant designer and became an integral part of the production. For me, you were awesome to have around and if we don't work with/see each other again it would, quite simply, be a crime.

Buddug James Jones (Designer).

My lady, your BURSTS of inspiration helped bring the show to life. The platform you created for the show was astounding. By FAR the most creative design work I have seen remaining in budget and keeping it simple. And not only that, but you are also a complete joy to work with. Every theatrical production should use you both for your artistic vision, and for your charming personality.

Kyla Miller (Stage Manager).

Not your traditional Stage Manager because she demonstrated how to be in charge of a large group and still remain friendly, polite and very selfless. Not only did you keep the show organised, you also kept it light with your positivity. Always ready with a smile and a kind word. 

Tom Reilly (Technician).

As a complete novice at AV and editing you showed me the ropes. I learnt more just working through the job with you than I have on any other production. Thank you for your patience with me Tom, I know it must have been hard at times.

And finally, to every single member of TEAM, both those who attended and those who couldn't make it. Without people like yourselves, paving a new path through the theatre industry, the vocational choice of theatre would become a bitter and hostile place.

Apologies if this message is rather self indulgent, I'm getting that 'post-show-feeling' that I'm sure you all know.

So to all you TEAM members, all you NTW supporters and all the staff at NTW:

stay cool

stay classy 

stay creative

You're the future of theatre.

Much love,

Ryan Nolan

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Comment by Kevin Johnson on February 4, 2013 at 2:51

I'd like to add my thanks to Mr Nolan's. Saturday wasgreat to take part in. As usual NTW made you think as well as laugh, cheer, smile and dance!


Yes, dance, can't remember the last time I did that. The people involved were fantastic, I was made to feel really welcome, and the intelligence & talent shown by all, especially the 'young 'uns', makes me feel good about the future.


You were all fantastic, many thanks.


Comment by John Williams on February 3, 2013 at 4:26


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