It's been an exciting week! I've been working with National Theatre Wales artistic director John E McGrath since last November 2008, dreaming about how the newly forming National Theatre Wales will take it's first steps into the big wide world. Since then, I've met the amazing Board of Trustees who started all this off I'm told as long ago as 2007 (thanks to Phil George), with a first meetng early in 2008. I've watched the staff team grow since January 2009 from one to six people and I've been alongside the growing team of freelance professionals and companies contributing to all the creative developments.

This week has exceeded all my expectations! Lots of print has arrived from our brilliant graphic designers, Elfen, with information about the vision and plans of the company - you can get a copy from the office at 30 castle arcade, cardiff - or see it online. The National Theatre Wales team have moved from their temporary office space, a former ladies clothing shop opposite, into their beautiful spacious office in a Victorian arcade and are busy unpacking boxes and settling in. I'm thrilled by the dynamic online communications that are starting to emerge on this site, steered by Hannah Rudman and lovingly created by NativeHQ and can hardly imagine how big National Theatre Wales will grow to be, before there's even any shows to announce - that won't be until November 2009. And, what's particularly special for me, is that we've met some of the first volunteer team members recruited this week to help spread the word about National Theatre Wales to their groups. And guess what? They love the idea of National Theatre Wales almost even more than we do!

What's truly fantastic, is having this opportunity to be starting a new company, creating a new community and founding a new organisation together with friends.

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Comment by Hannah Rudman on May 21, 2009 at 8:27
I agree - its really exciting to be starting a theatre through community and networks! Its felt organic and this online community will be an excellent place to follow and join in the development!

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