So last weekend I had an absolutely amazing time and thought I should tell you all a little something about it.

So NTWTEAM and Roundhouse have worked together to provide an opportunity for young Welsh poets and last weekend those of us lucky enough to be part of it got a three day workshop with Steven Camden (Polarbear).

To those of you who aren't super knowledgeable about the UK spoken word scene Polarbear is definitely one of the cool kids. But Roundhouse also sent up Pip a cool kid film maker to shoot us doing what we create over the weekend. 

The weekend started with all us meeting in Chapter and getting to know each others different styles. There was 8 of us and 8 very individual styles, we focused on different ways of helping the lightening bolt of creativity to strike. We took a trip down the corridor of rhyme, worked in pairs and as individuals and talked about all the important things such as the importance of the gingernut biscuit, embarrassing moments and how much meat should really be in a sandwich.

I found it really fascinating and inspiring being an a room with 8 poets and all of us having a different voice, a different thing to say and a different reason to say it. Poetry is very personal, it is a condensed version of the writers thoughts and feelings sculpted into a way that they feel best expresses them, and being able to watch the writer sculpt their thought and feelings before it is seen fit to share with public is a very quick way to know someone and a privilege i don't take lightly.

All of us entered the workshops with a want to create something of worth and that want outweighed any fears of exposing personal insecurities. 

I wont talk about what the other writers created as that isn't my place but I feel I went in a new direction with what I wrote. I started to focus more on detail and taking the time to describe and area or place. It felt like I hadn't wrote in ages so it was just really lovely to be able to get the time to sit down with a pen and pad again.

The filming went well and as soon as that comes up I'll share it with you! 


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