What does a mother need to do to survive in this day and age?!!!! The answer... draw blood from a stone. I am about to bust a vein, crunching numbers and calculating how many hours of my precious time is taken up, earning money to pay the rent, rates and other essentials [fibre optic broadband] of my new house to be. I have just been offered a salary job of £18000 a year, but upon frugally assessing the finances, I find I cannot afford it! I need a second job. Not only have I a 2 year old to bring up, I have a degree to get, a house to move into, a show to enjoy and yes, mouths to feed and bills to pay. Do I frown upon the decisions mother's end up taking in order to survive? NO! I am emphatic to the tragic form in which they have to be taken.

When I first started the Mother Courage project, I thought Mother Courage was a cold, heartless bitch [can I swear?]. Anyway, upon looking at the two weeks I have had, I actually feel for her. I celebrate the female figure for her survival skills and I pray that I have an ounce of her 'Courage', in a world we cannot control. In the word's of one of my songs 'What do I say, when children can't play? It's a crippling game! Dark Night; Big Fight and we're slain. Dark Night; Big Fight, the insane!'

I cannot wait for tonight's rehearsal... to bust out a few moves and shake or twerk out my stresses...

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Comment by Rhian Richards on April 23, 2015 at 15:24

This gave me goosebumps Hannah. Amazing blog.

Thank you so much for sharing, so glad you're enjoying being part of Mother Courage.


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