There is a universality in The Drowned Girl, Kelly Jones' personal tribute to her grandmother. The hour long monolog, seemingly written from her younger self, is peppered with pop culture references, supermarket isle clashes and cornflakes. One of Jones' strengths as a playwright is tapping in to these cultural memories, using these shared experiences as anchors for audience members; dead end jobs, gossiping neighbours et al. 

Presented simply, this was storytelling theatre, with the focus very much on telling the audience over showing us. For my own tastes, some visual distinctions between sequences would have aided me in illustrating the narrative. There is further work too to be explored with the inclusion of the technician on stage as an interactive party. Though this is an interesting idea, I was unable to find justification for his presence. 

That being said, the piece is distinctive in it's voice, and Jones weaves a story that connects to us all. 

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