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I don't know if you've found the treasure trove lurking in the writers pages yet. If not, go and have a nose because it's time to ask some questions of the wider community. Whatever your specialism or generality, whether you are [in strictly alphabetical order or remix thereof] an actor, audience, designer, director, etc, style-guru, writer or your-name-here your ideas and opinions are actively sought.
At the NTW on-line community meeting on Saturday there was quite a discussion around the mini-works as a playground for community invention and intervention, so...
Q1: How would you go about staging/presenting/experimenting with any or all of the mini-works?
Q2: Who would you collaborate with?
Q3: Have you got a mini-work in you?
Peter Cox, who must bear some responsibility for this blog, if only in its inspiration, suggests that we are on the verge of creating a theatrical-genre he calls Sushi Theatre. Is a veggie takeaway as valid as a sit down conveyor belt with fish? Is the Sushi metaphor fatally wounded..?
Q4: What would you call the genre - if genre it is?
You don't need answers to all the questions. Anything you have to offer would be welcome.

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Comment by Sheree Tams on October 13, 2009 at 13:29
I really like that Sushi comparison....
Comment by Peter Cox MBE on October 12, 2009 at 13:32
Okay Terry, so why did I think that Sushi Theatre seemed like an appropriate genre term?

Just like Sushi... the pieces are small but beautifully formed. They are finely crafted. Each has had a sharp editorial knife applied with skill. Each one suits a different taste or fulfills a different need. They are colourful as well as having depth. You can nibble at just one or go for a selection, maybe even turning it into a banquet. If you don't like the look of the one in front of you there'll be another one along in a minute. Some are lighter dishes. Others pack more of a dramatic 'wasabi' punch. As with all sushi there is a poetic beauty about them.

I can see creatives of all skill bases taking up these pieces and turning them into a new NTW site playground. They could work as micro radio plays. Just get a couple of actor mates together, record them, then put them on here - not so much as a sample of your work or a show-reel but more as a way of engaging with an experimental art form. Other options might include the playwright reading their own work into their web cam, an animation, a designer posting their set design sketches, a lighting designer posting some lighting suggestions, a marketeer writing the blurb for one, a mini film of a piece, the finger puppet version, the glove puppet version, the 'translation into a foreign language' version, the costume designs etc...

This site is now ripe for having its boundaries pushed... posting video, photo's and audio are all possible. Okay so the writers have been a bit quick off the mark due to the using of words via blogs but maybe the time is coming for others to join the party.

I can just see a version of one of the plays shot on a mobile phone on a Friday night out somewhere!

And finally, bearing in mind that this is the National THEATRE of Wales site maybe a LIVE EVENT could be set up where different approaches are taken to the same pieces of work using workshop techniques.

Is NTW planning a Christmas Party? Maybe this could be the entertainment!

As of now my NTW mini works are free to use via this site for experimental purposes. Rights would, of course, be reserved for commercial exploitation!

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