I've been thinking recently about how we, as people, as artists, can sometimes let fear stop us doing things. Whether it's fear of moving to a new place, trying something you haven't done before, or laying yourself bare creatively, it's always a possibility when looking into doing new things. 

Matt's profile explains a new way of thinking really well - get out of the traffic jam - but what if the traffic jam is where you feel comfortable, at home? What if the traffic jam is all you know? 

Have you fought your fear to become a starving artist/bold creative/something different? 

Tell us about it, maybe you could help someone else. 

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Comment by Buddug James Jones on June 20, 2012 at 14:10

Hi Jen,

It's really interesting you bring this up as it's been something I've been thinking about myself recently. I recently was involved with WMC's Incubator Project, with an autobigraphical show called 'Hiraeth'. For this show I've had to overcome a lot of fears...First off, I'm a designer but I ended up performing on the stage. This doesn't sound like much, but it was a HUGE deal for me, and a very scary and daunting one. Secondly, the whole show is loosly based on true events, meaning I had to open up to a whole audience about my personal life. Thirdly, the show is about a subject close to me and my family which we NEVER talk about. This subject was the future of the farm that has been in my family for 5 generations (my parents were in the audience).

Normally, with this level of fear I would have run a mile off. But I really wanted to get the story out there and heard so I went for it(with the fantastic support of everyone else involved with the show)... And turns out I love being on stage! And I also have a new found respect for all actors out there - how do you do it?!

But, a fear isn't as simple as 'having a fear and getting over it'. Facing the fear is like bursting the balloon and being hit by an explosion of many other fears. I know I still have to power through a lot before I can really feel comfortable about being on stage, talking about this subject etc. But then, also I'm scared of becoming comfortable with it- it might just become boring if I get too comfortable in it.


I'll stop now and I see myself rambling on and finish with my conclusion (without meaning to sound like a self help book sorry!)

If you hate it, stop doing it. If you love it, do more of it. If you're not sure, push on through until you know whether you hate it or love it (whetever IT may be).


A quote from my director -  ' No interesting theatre is ever safe.'

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