The Freedom Theatre Jenin again targeted by the Israeli Army

Israeli army target The Freedom Theatre again!


At approximately 02:00 in the morning of the 22nd August the Israeli army surrounded The Freedom Theatre and the Nagnaghiya family home.

Jacob Gough, the Acting General Manager at The Freedom Theatre left the office at about 01:45: "As I literally entered my home I got a call from neighbours of the theatre saying the army had surrounded the theatre.”

Jacob then returned to the theatre and as he drove into the courtyard was confronted by armed soldiers who forced him to turn around threatening violence if he didn’t, then whilst trying to gain entry a second time he was forced to strip at gunpoint before being detained and again threatened with violence if he so much as moved or spoke.

During this, the army were inside Mohammed Naghnaghiye, the security guard at the theatre and brother of Adnan Nagnaghiyas home, here they beat Mohammed before taking him away in handcuffs then proceeded to ransack all 3 floors of his family home.  As the army left the area they fired live ammunition in an attempt to disperse the crowds of youth that had gathered and were throwing rocks.

These events come after a court hearing that took place yesterday (21st August) in Jalame prison outside of Jenin. At the court hearing it was established that the three members of The Freedom Theatre that had been taken earlier had no connection to the murder of the theatre's late director Juliano Mer Khamis and must be released within the week.

“This proves that the Israeli army and security apparatus is either lost and causes completely unnecessary distress to The Freedom Theatre and its staff or that they have the actual intention of damaging the theatre” says Jonatan Stanzcak.

For more information contact:

Jacob Gough, Acting General Manager on 00972 (0) 595348391

Jonatan Stanzcak at


Follow us on Twitter - @freedom_theatre


Link to Current Press Release -

Link to Pictures of Mohammeds home after being ransacked -


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Comment by Gerri Smith on August 29, 2011 at 14:12
I sent the following e.mail to all on the list that Jonatan mentioned. Every little bit counts (maybe)
It is with alarm and sadness that we hear in Britain that The National Theatre of Kosovo is being seriously threatened by politics. The right to free speech was fought for and paid in blood by the people of Kosova and to be allowed to express themselves through performance , writing, dance etc was hard won. It is now being fought for by other countries where suppression and brutality reign and , in the end , democracy will win. Power is given to leaders so that they may rule with justice and compassion, not for  personal gains or  political extremes to win the day. I hope that the elected members of your parliament bear this in mind and will stop trying to gag those who might question their powers. It is up to you all to answer criticisms not suppress them. As an Equity member and performer in Britain I value the right to offer my opinion on any subject and that is what democracy allows. The world no longer stands by and watches while people lose their rights.
Gerri Smith
Cabaret artist/actress
Comment by Jacob Gough on August 25, 2011 at 5:14
Had a call from The British Council in Jerusalem, the British Paliament have requested more information so all your efforts are working, keep up the good work guys and thank you. With everything that's going on I know it's difficult to keep up but please people keep the pressure on.
Comment by Peter Cox MBE on August 24, 2011 at 21:36
This just gets worse Jacob.  All best wishes for everyone's safety and a swift end to such hostile treatment. Your friends and supporters in Wales will continue to raise the profile I'm sure.

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