Two years ago I met Rachael Boulton who had started theatre company Motherlode. She immediately captivated me with her passion, positivity and political-leanings. Motherlode like telling important stories on stage and they wanted me to help them tell those stories. I was thrilled. A chance to work with yet another incredible woman in the arts! Hallelujah. I seem to be drawn to these women doing extraordinary things. A year later, the show #TheGoodEarth went on to sell out four nights in Chapter. Now, two years on, the show is on it’s very own tour of Wales.  


I don't know how I know, but my spidey senses kick in and I usually know when shows/projects I work on are going to be extraordinary. As a freelancer, I try my very best to go with my gut and only take on work I truly believe in and feel I’m the right fit.

The Good Earth is a Welsh story about a Valleys community pitted against big business and its own local authority. In 1973, the villagers of Troedrhiwgwair in Tredegar, Blaenau Gwent, were ordered to leave their homes amid fears of a landslide. However, the determined villagers defied the authorities, demanding proof of the danger with which they were threatened and sparking a battle that would be fought for a many years.


Since working on this show, I've spent many an hour shedding a tear in Chapter reading about Aberfan, about the flooding of the Elan Valley and similar stories of negligence and wrong-doing against Welsh communities.


The production toured to NYC in August (I am determined to go with them next time!) and is performed in English with a little Welsh, and incorporates folk songs, first recorded in New York in 1965 by Welsh-language activist Dr.Meredydd Evans.


In light of Brexit, this play seems all the more important now as a reminder of how important it is for all communities to come together and fight the big man. To not just believe what we are told, but to find out more for ourselves. We need to remember who the real culprits screwing us over are and not blame the Syrian dude next door. Sorry. I’m going off-piste now, but you get my point.


Visit for further information and links to all of the venues to book your tickets for the last few shows during this tour. The show visits it's spiritual home today and tomorrow - The Parc & Dare in Treorchy. 


The Good Earth is a beautiful protest. It is a beautiful thing. I love this show and I hope you will too. 

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