Here's a lovely idea to cheer us all up.

On 16-18 June, over 100,000 get-togethers will be held across the UK - in the form of picnics, coffee mornings, BBQs, all sorts - in the spirit of a street party, and with no agenda except to get people together, to get to know each other, or to catch up.

The overall event is called The Great Get Together, and is inspired by Jo Cox, who was killed on 16 June 2016, and her oft-quoted maiden speech to Parliament ("we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us".

The overall organisers are Jo's family and friends, and has grown into something huge; check out the list of organisations, on the event's website, who are taking part. But get-togethers are also being organised by small groups and individuals.

Here at NTW Towers, we'll be getting together with our neighbours in Castle Arcade, Cardiff, for a cuppa and a piece of cake, and we can't wait. These are people we hurry past two or three times a day as we all go about our frantic daily business, as they do theirs, and at best we give a wave or a nod. Rarely, though, do we make time to stop and chat, and next weekend is a perfect opportunity to change our habits.

What about you; do you fancy organising a get together in your community, office, school, or even your street?

Or maybe you fancy popping into a get-together, but don't know if there is one planned near you?

If so, take a look at the Great Together's website at, or look for the hashtag 

Have a nice Get Together, and share you pics and stories! It'll be a balm for us all, I'm sure.

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