The Guardian's Lyn Gardner on theatre: "wake up" to social media

Some provocative points about theatre and social media in a Lyn Gardner blog post this week.

Sample paragraph:

The answer is clearly for theatres to embrace social media in all its forms, and use their natural creativity to do it well. That doesn't simply mean a website on which theatregoers can see what's playing and
buy tickets, or maybe read a blog (which is often a thinly disguised bit
of puffery written by some poor actor during rehearsals). Neither does
it mean tweeting nice things about your own show. It means creating
sites that are as lively, reciprocal and outward-looking as any other
forms of social media, that draw people in and make them want to stay
and poke about. And it means creating a relationship with audiences:
allowing them to understand what you are trying to do, and being
transparent enough for them to comment both favourably and unfavourably.
In this way, theatres can genuinely share thinking, promote discussion
and look beyond the boundaries of the individual organisation.

What do people think?

(And, err, what do people think about what Andrew Lloyd Webber thinks?)

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Comment by Catherine Paskell on April 21, 2010 at 17:26
And Lyn references the Theatre Sandbox, which I know a few of our community members are applying to. AND she mentions SUCH TWEET SORROW which was developed by our very own Bethan Marlow (one of the artists working on NTW05 The Beach) x

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