From the shores of Britain to the central reaches of Asia Minor, an ancient path covering more than 3000 miles has lain dormant for over 800 years. Not since the last crusade of 13th century has anyone undertaken to traverse its entire lengh on foot, as Europe staggered through the dark ages, and from plague to famine to war.

Now after 65 years of European peace, it is time for this path to be walked again. There is a chance now to stretch out the hands of peace to another sub continent, which has become the focus of much of the worlds strife today.

Two young intrepid New Zealanders will undertake this monumental journey, from London to Jerusalem in an odyssey where ancient meets modern, youth meets older wisdom, west meets east, Southern hemisphere meets Northern.

Following the path of The Knights Templar and countless pilgrims of the crusading era, our kiwi lads will visit 13 countries on a six month sojourn lasting from the summer to winter solstices.

With months of rigorous planning and unprecedented support from modern Templar organizations and archaeological experts, the boys will undertake an adventure which encompasses some of the most magnificent and historic sites of the 'old continent' and the middle east, whilst fusing these experiences with a full sampling of, and involvement in cutting edge European, Arabic and Jewish music and culture.

Armed with their own instruments our kiwis, modern day troubadours themselves, will be immersed in the musical art forms that are crystalising throughout Western Europe, the Balkans, Turkey, Syria, the Lebanon and Israel, bringing these strands together in a fusion of understanding and mutual appreciation.

Armed with HD cameras and sat-linked laptops, the guys will be the pathfinders for a new generation of tourists who wish to traverse a road of new experience and adventure, whilst retaining sight and appreciation of what has been before.
Whilst containing visits to old Templar Commanderies and historic sites of interest, the main aim is to involve our journeymen in the growing diversity of youth culture throughout Europe and the Middle East, cutting across the boundaries of these nations and the barriers of Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other regional religions.

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