The Last Days of Laura K: A New Immersive Digital Mystery

Our friends at BBC Writersroom have just released an incredibly exciting and ambitious new piece of work online.  Working with leading UK writers and a top production team, The Last Hours of Laura K is a ground-breaking digital experience placing the audience at the heart of the story. Using 24 hours of footage from the fictional surveillance programme, SaturnEye, this is a disconcertingly intimate, unfiltered and impartial look into Laura’s last hours before her death. As Kate Rowland, Creative Director of Writersroom says:

“The project is inspired by the Edward Snowden quote, ‘I don’t want to live in a world where everything that I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity, love or friendship, is recorded’, and challenges the traditional conventions of storytelling, and questions how we live our lives now.” 

This 24-hour video file is only half of the story. To find the killer, users will have to immerse themselves in the characters’ digital lives via their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, looking for clues and motives seeded by our writers over months to help them identify the killer. officially launched on Monday 30th March. It’s on this day SaturnEye’s prototype media player was leaked to the world – it’s on this day the hunt for Laura’s killer truly began.  You can join right now!

With forty character profiles already live on social media, as well as an alternative news blog ‘SP117’, the narrative threads are here to be discovered. When and how users consume and share content is up to you.

Join the investigation:

Twitter: @LasthoursofLK

Facebook: TheLastHoursofLK

Instagram: lasthoursoflk



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