Wednesday 27th July 2011 i arrive in the capital of our wonderful country and then immediately get lost. This is the best beginning i could of hoped for, to a brilliant couple of days in the company of some of the finest individuals to grace this earth. I arrived with the knowledge i would be a lucky performer in the eventual Mega Assembley on the saturday, two days to create 5 performances with three other unknown performers. The NTW don't half like setting challenges do they ? But we did it we spent the two days preparing our perfomances for the biggest party to hit Cardiff and all at 10' o clock in the moring beacuse thats how we roll. Unfortunately the prospective audience were greated by the four eager faces of the performers including my ugly mug. They then had the choice of there favourite table green being mine with some lovely framed photographs as a display (thanks for such a flattering photo guys) this then lead into the EPIC rendition of T,E,A,M (or Y,M,C,A with some new lyrics) well you may aswell start as you mean to go on. 5 questions, 5 performances, 5 discussions each hoping to give the staff at NTW an insight into what the TEAM want for the future year and beyond. From my perspective at the green table it seemed that NTW had hit almost every mark in there first year and everyone was happy with the support and opportunities that NTW had offered there were ideas on workshops, resource sharing and general help to the local communities and there projects but all in all the NTW are doing a great job. I really enjoyed the experience i had and hope that we helped in some small way to form ideas for the future of NTW but i'm not so sure wether myself will be a part of it after our vision for NTW in 20 years time (of course John you could always emerge onto our schemes it was all a big joke haha) ;P but otherall i was able to work with some excellent people who know who they are and also i think i have made some solid new friends what more can a person ask for. Keep going the way your going NTW and i'm sure the years to come will be just as memorable and enjoyable as it has been. A big THANK YOU !!

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Comment by Tamsin Mathias on August 4, 2011 at 0:29
It was a really good experience :)
Happy to be a part of it - keep it up!
Comment by Devinda De Silva on August 1, 2011 at 17:36
John - i always knew you'd be up to the challenge! Thanks for being involved.

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