Hello everyone.

My name is Abdul Shayek and I am the new Creative Associate for the 'Assembly strand' of National Theatre Wales.  Some of you may remember my last visit to Wales whilst on placement, thought I would blog my re-entry on to the Welsh Theatre Landscape.  For those who didn't or did catch my last blog 2 years back about hikes, trips to the seaside and recon mission in Brecon Beacons, I am back and this time it's for good.


So who have National Theatre Wales appointed?


I am a director and theatre practitioner formerly based in East London for majority of my life and career to date.  I have a desire to create, play and experiment with form, language and concept of theatre whether it be devised or scripted.  Personally I feel that whatever the show or performance it needs to resonate with the community/audience it serves.  NTW is a great place to further that work and POV due to the work and nature of the company (clearly evident in the recent show 'The Passion').  More can be found out on My Profile page as well as a picture of my daughter! If there are other things you would like to know please drop me a line either via the community or abdulshayek@nationaltheatrewales.org


So how is 'Assembly' going to develop?


After the great work Mathilde and Catherine have done to date with the 'Assembly' strand, my hope is to continue and develop the work further, to create more exciting and innovative projects across Wales. More concrete ideas of how we move forward will be formulated once the formal evaluations have been conducted and I find my feet in the job and Cardiff.  Before this takes place it would be great for me to get some informal feedback from all those who were involved, in whatever shape or form with 'Assembly' - if you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or comments about things that worked, things that didn't and things that may work in the future please drop me a line again either via email abdulshayek@nationaltheatrewales.org or the community.


I am extremely excited by journey I am embarking on and how I navigate the next two years.  It is great to be entering the bubbling Welsh theatre landscape and I look forward to meeting all the great artists and creative minds helping to bring the world's attention to the Welsh Arts scene. 


Hope to speak, see or social network with you in the very near future.




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Comment by abdul shayek on April 28, 2011 at 17:51

Nice to meet you to Brent- definitely will be blogging much more regularly. Look forward to meeting you soon.


Guy thank you for your welcome and I look forward to meeting with you to hear about the stuff that has taken place in Bridgend.


Comment by Guy O'Donnell on April 28, 2011 at 16:57

Welcome to Wales Abdul.

Happy to chat to you in the future about all of the positive outcomes NTW helped support during their project in Bridgend. 



Comment by Brent Morgan on April 28, 2011 at 12:52
Nice to meet you hopefully your next blog won't be a 2 year wait hopefully meet you soon.

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