Rehearsals tonight... whoop, whoop, whoop. I cannot wait for the excuse to brake the monotony and the deadlines. A lot of me wishes that the there were no swearing in the show, as I would be there most days, with my two year old, pretending I did this for a living. But where would the show be without the profanities? Not in Merthyr Tydfil I can tell you... he he he. In fact, It is this aspect of the show that has struck me from the start. It's loyalty to the cause!

As a member of the community cast, I have been given a sense of involvement through the development process. Our ideas have been listened to and granted open arms. I feel that we have given National Theatre Wales an opportunity to delve deep into the Merthyr's heart and staying true to the people and characters within the play, rather than staying true to 'Brechtian' laws. Not that I am a Brecht expert I need to add. 

The adventitious form the show is taking on an exciting role of giving the audience an invitation to relate to the characters in a relaxed and open environment. where better to relax and open up than having a pint with friends at the local Labour Club?

I also feel that my role as community cast is to actually be relaxed and to relax the rules of theatre slightly by encouraging the audience to involve themselves, even if that's inwardly, into the issues of the play.

Personally, I would rather have a script and be directed and I feel this is the most weakest part of my skill set. This does not mean that I am dreading it. I am actually looking forward to breaking my fears and turning my weakness into strength. It is a role I cannot foresee until it happens, but I am sure I will surprise myself. I usually do.

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