Theatre/Archaeology by Mike Pearson and Michael Shanks

Kate Lawrence told me about it.

I found it on-line for free, initially.

It was love at first read. I am made sense of, stretched, deepened, connected and energized. I had no idea.

Archaeology / performance / Cymru. 

An exhilarating journey: We lingered in wonderful places like performative models of knowledge, cultural identity and production, partiality and pluralism, site-specific work, milltir sgwar, bro, cynefin, social practices, forensic cast, the everyday, the sensorium of the body, identity, space and time, trace, object, memory, the document, techniques of assemblage, fragments/order/fragments, narrative, change, loss, ruin, decay and morbidity… We immersed ourselves on the way witnessing performance as an experimental archaeology of the interpretive. And we had glimpses of exotic things to explore in the future like parataxis, catachresis, hypotaxis and synecdochic. 

I started on Saturday and went back over it today, as soon as I got to the end. Picking through to capture the best bits, to hold them for posterity, to make sense of what I’ve done, to what I’m doing …

Then I ordered a paper copy.

“All present experience contains ineradicable traces of the past which remain part  of the constitution of the present” Ashcroft, Griffiths and Tiffin (1998) quoted in Theatre/Archaeology


You can download the book:

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