We at Small World Theatre have closed to the public, Not only have visiting acts cancelled decimating a great programme of shows and events, a straw poll of audience members and event providers concur that as Government advice is to avoid theatres there will be no audience to buy tickets. A predictable response. As we are not ACW supported, have no core funds to sustain us we face a very uncertain period. We really wish to carry on and get back up running when this virus is under control. As with most of you who work in the arts we are worried that the future of theatre in Wales and UK will need help to reboot. The ACW investment review is postponed for a year, one supposes so they can see who emerges in tact. Is there need for a forum or a collective response to ensure Wales Government can deliver stabilisation and clearer paths for arts companies to survive this period of deep uncertainty. UK Government plans for support are not yet clear, detailed, nor a clear path to accessing them available. Guidance is needed. 

Will this be an ugly competitive scramble for funds to survive or will the arts sector respond with a shared purpose.

Time will tell, but we need to start a sector dialogue to see if we can gather strength to turn this crisis into a rational plan 

In the meantime I hope we can generate a positive movement even if movement seems restricted


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