Cardiff, Big Democracy Project at the Oasis Centre (9 – 13 March)

Watching, learning.


Trying to open up, confront my edges.

I nearly start to sing.

I nearly start to dance.

I nearly cry.

I laugh, and laugh.

I learn and learn.

I love all these people.

“We will never forget”.

How can we be so scared, of people not like us?

I feel now, we are all the same.

But the truth is,

some of us - I am - are much weaker

than these people. Refugees. Asylum seekers.

Lost everything.

Still alive. Joyful. Open. Adventurous.

I question now

more than ever.

Who am I?


See my blog:

See the photojournal of the development of the show (password Oasiscentre): democ...



Church Minshull, Last Supper, Reckless Sleepers (14 March)

Today, from Cardiff, well, Cwmdu.

Back to the village where I was brought up.

I have memories. Of the smells and sounds of the smithy, of the milk flooding down the road after the milk lorry crashed, of running home scared at night from the village hall, of isolation, of friends, all gone

I go back to my old house. I dig some soil.

I want to know.

Is here part of who I am?

I don’t feel more connected there than here.

I don’t feel I know the place better.

And yet, meeting an old friend, Dan Freedman.

He's doing something brilliant: http://

Enjoying the Last Supper by the Restless Sleepers.

Layered, subtle, confronting, amusing:

I learnt more, again.

In the village hall again. And the pub. And Dan’s mill house.

I feel at home.

Staying up late at night, drinking with them.

Seeing Dan’s old mummified cat again.

When was it, 35 years ago?

It was the most fun I’ve had there.

But then, I was just a child.

Now I’m an adult.

And now I’m here.


Diolch byth.


Nottingham, Parallels, Chris.Dugrenier (15 March)

Driving from Church Minshull to Nottingham.

Going to NottDance, to see Chris.’s performance.

A work in progress.

We enter an almost empty room. Stand around the edges.

Chris is walking around, drawing a piece of light blue wool behind her.

She is thinking, she says.

And moves on.

I am overwhelmed by the depth and beauty of the idea, the execution.

Chris.’ poise and openness.

The way she weaves lines of thinking, of feeling, of movement

The way she draws in the audience, expresses what they are feeling, what they are doing, gets them involved

The portrayal of migration, refugees, cuckoos, herself.

I thought of the Oasis Centre in Cardiff.

Of their stories.

I took part with tears in my eyes.

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Comment by Lindsey Colbourne on April 13, 2015 at 16:55

Thank you both! It was great to work with you. I learnt so much! Lx

Comment by Catrin Angharad Evans on April 13, 2015 at 16:27

Hi Beautiful Lady, Just read your blog, it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You have highlighted all the things that i felt. Diolch or Galon. Xx

Comment by Rhiannon White on March 22, 2015 at 22:01

Beautiful x

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