Hello everyone!

Consider this my second blog since being a freelancer. So far its going ok. Somewhere in between moving, working for the Big Democracy and thinking an awful lot I sat myself down and FINALLLY finished the soundtrack to Cwmni Pluen's "Ti.Me". I had a wonderful time with all of the people involved and hope to carry it on in the future but as promised here's the soundtrack if not somewhat delayed! ***Personal request! Please listen to in order with good headphones :) ***

There is also a sub E.P of music that was made durin my time with Cwmni Pluen in rehearsal sessions. This music did not make it to the final cut but I stilll love it so wanted to share it with you :) Most of the sound was recorded in a workshop Cwmni Pluen held at the Sherman earlier this year.

Hope you like it and let me know any feedback you might have for bettering any future work! Thanks again, short but sweeet!


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Comment by Olivia Harris on November 25, 2015 at 19:00

yes Chris! I can't wait to have a listen and bring back all the marvellous Ti.Me memories xx

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