Looking for something you can get your fangs into this Halloween?
“Like the Paranormal Activity Films? No more like Poltergeist!”
Well look no further then Dark Penny Films’ original comedy drama, Time of Monsters.
Time of Monsters, or TOM for short, is the brain child of Head Writer Niall Quinn & Co – writer Charles Baksh, with marvellous direction from Robyn Hough. The six part story follows the lives of two unlikely paired super naturals, a Vampire Teddie Everett and a Werewolf Frankie Talbot, played by series creator Niall Quinn & Arran Watt, dealing with their everyday lives, but hiding from the fact that they’re “monsters”. The show is in the vain of classic comedy horrors such as “Being Human” or “What we do in the Shadows”.
TOM has also an addicting style of writing, fast paced, and gripping! You’ll be hooked as soon as you hear the theme song! However it also can be seen to have hidden meanings, behind the veil of its quirky humour.
For instance on reflection of the series, our main protagonists Teddie and Frankie, though to the untrained eyes, are two friends but when we delve into the politics of their relationship it makes the show much more grounded in reality. Them being from different worlds, the shady, almost Illuminati world of the Vampires, to the clumsy, brash, aggressive world of the Werewolves, the two can be seen to be breaking down barriers between two races that always at odds with each other in modern fiction.
Perhaps the viewer could take away a new sense of don’t judge a book by its cover and learn to embrace the unknown, moving away from stereotypes. If you don’t like it at least you can enjoy its spooky opening credits! With all that said, I believe Time of Monsters, is a fun romp filled with drama, intrigue and strong performances all round to even entice those who wouldn’t normally enjoy the frights, and terror of the genre of Horror. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may just love it! So check it out, Time of Monsters by Dark Penny Films on YouTube!


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