Tips on How to Write a Research Paper

Writing a research paper can be challenging sometimes. Indeed some students see it as an overwhelming task that needs much effort to accomplish. While to some extent it is true that it is a difficult assignment, there are methods that learners can employ to make the process easy and manageable.  There are steps you can take to make your writing easier and some of them are as follows:

  1. Pick a good Topic

Make sure that you select a good issue to write on in case your instructor does not give you one. Ensure that the subject matter that you pick interests you. Conduct thorough research to ensure that you understand every aspect of the topic.  Also, make sure that the subject matter is in line with the requirements of the paper that your lecturer has asked you to write. You can also seek for approval from the instructor before you start writing. Remember that a research paper is different from an essay. It requires more research than essay especially when looking for information to defend your arguments.

  1. Prepare a Rough Draft of the Research Paper

An outline is important when preparing a paper of any kind. If you would like to write an outstanding paper, you need to organize your points properly. A rough draft will make it possible for you to achieve a smooth flow of thoughts. The outline provides the bases of paper, and you can create it by writing down the ideas in form of a diagram or a list. In so doing, you will be able to see the connection between your ideas, and this will make your writing easy.

Draw a diagram on a plain paper with the primary subject matter at the center and the main ideas as the branches. Alternatively, you can write the topic at the beginning of the paper and list down the main ideas under it. Make sure that there are blank spaces between the thoughts so that you will be able to expand them. The outline will make it possible for you to give your paper a suitable structure in addition to an excellent organization of thoughts.

  1. Construct a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a vital aspect of a research paper. Now that you already have the issue to write on, you can come up with a thesis statement that will form the bases of paper. The thesis is usually at the end of the first paragraph and informs the reader of what to expect in the rest of the writing. A thesis statement has two essential parts. The first part highlights the issue under discussion, and the second one explains the primary purpose of the work. For instance, if your plan is to write about Nelson Mandela, and his influence in South Africa, you can have something like, "Nelson Mandela played a great role in the development of South Africa during the struggle for independence."

  1. Start writing

With the thesis statement and the topic in place, you can start preparing your paper. You can begin with the body which expands on the main ideas of the work. The body will be made of paragraphs that you will develop from the main ideas in your rough draft. All the sections should have the same basic structure. Moreover, remember to adhere to the correct academic writing style. Lastly, do not forget to edit your work before giving it to your instructor for marking.

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